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StoryADay is all about creativity.

 Join us as we attempt to Write Everyday, Not 'Someday'!


Podcasts air every other Saturday throughout the year and daily during the StoryADay May challenge.

Mar 23, 2024

Intrigued by the StoryADay Challenge but intimidated? Don't be! In this episode I explain all the rules including the most important rule: Make Your Own Rules!

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00:00 History of the StoryADay Challenge

01:30 4. Give Yourself Permission To Have Fun

06:14 StoryADay May Rules

06:31 1. Make Your Own Rules

11:20 2. Don't Try To Catch Up

12:12 3. Don't Post Your Stories Online (Or Do)

13:30 4. Give Yourself Permission To Have Fun

14:47 5. Seek Out The Right Support At The Right Time

17:11 6. Dance Your Victory Dance, Every Day

19:56 7. Use the Prompts (Or Don't)

21:43 Summary of the "Rules"

22:52 How To Sign Up

23:03 What To Expect from This Year's Prompts

28:22 The importance of Community