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StoryADay is all about creativity.

 Join us as we attempt to Write Everyday, Not 'Someday'!


Podcasts air every other Saturday throughout the year and daily during the StoryADay May challenge.

Feb 19, 2022

Generating words is sometimes what writing is all about. If you've been learning about writing for too long without writing something new, I have a challenge for you this week.


The Framework:

The 3-Day Challenge:

Feb 12, 2022

Whether we are from within a community or an outsider, it affects how we perceive the group. That's important for characters in your writing and it's one of the topics on this week's podcast, along with mindset (of course!) and what I'm reading this month.  Included: a writing prompt all about the ways your...

Feb 5, 2022

When I ask people what questions they have about writing, they rarely ask about craft techniques. This week I talk about the transition from newspaper writing to fiction, making time to write and more.


Julie Explains Things Simply on YouTube:

3-Day Challenge:...