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Podcasts air every other Saturday throughout the year and daily during the StoryADay May challenge.

Dec 18, 2021

I saw a tweet this week, asking 'am I overly-emotional because I'm a writer, or a writer because I'm overly-emotional?" I have some thoughts...



The tweet, from author AD Graves, that got me thinking (shared with permission)

This episode:

Dec 11, 2021

Writing your bio and summaries of your work causes authors all kinds of angst, but I have good news: you're probably trying to do too much and be too clever...and this comes to our writing lives too. It's time to strip it all back to the essentials.


This episode:

Write Your Bio...

Dec 4, 2021

Setting writing goals for next year includes reflecting on what we've achieved in the past. In this episode I invite you to expand your definition of 'success' and talk about Stephen Sondheim. I also encourage you to see moments of frustration as signposts.


Annual Planning Bundle:

Nov 20, 2021

If you don't know what to write in your bio...steal!

Plus a writing prompt from Michael X. Wang, author of the short story collection "Further News of Defeat"


The Writing Prompt:

Michael X. Wang's "Further News of Defeat":

The 3-Day Challenge, a short...

Nov 13, 2021

You have to talk about yourself and your work. I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable. The good news? If you can give yourself permission, you CAN learn to do this.


3 Day Challenge:

Write Your Author Bio & Story Summary Essentials Guide: