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StoryADay is all about creativity.

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Podcasts air every other Saturday throughout the year and daily during the StoryADay May challenge.

Apr 7, 2018

Today I interview publishing industry expert Jane Friedman ( whose new book The Business Of Being A Writer is billed as 'the business education you never got', for writers.

We discuss what writers should do when they want to go pro, the myth of the overnight success, the nature of 'work' and networking for introverts!

We also talk about Patreon and if you want to see some examples of the very different ways writers can use Patreon, here are some of my favorites:

Tobias Buckell - he creates a new short story every month, and his Patrons see it first. 

Mary Robinette Kowal - a short story writer, novelist, writing teacher and puppeteer, Mary's Patrons get all kinds of rewards, like first-looks at her novel drafts as they go along, to demonstrations of how she makes puppets, to writing classes and chances to hang out online.

Clarkesworld - a magazine that uses Patreon as a subscription model.