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StoryADay is all about creativity.

 Join us as we attempt to Write Everyday, Not 'Someday'!


Podcasts air every other Saturday throughout the year and daily during the StoryADay May challenge.

Jul 14, 2018

This month I am still talking about writing for minor holidays and anniversaries. In this podcast I reveal the grand plan behind this: it's a system for focusing on particularly stories, regularly.

I talk about the importance of systems (because apparently Ihave a problem with the word "routine") and I recommend you check out Tim Grahl's new book Running Down The Dream.

If you want a super-bundle that includes not only Tim's book, but the new book by Stephen Pressfield too "The Artist's Journey" (swoon!), you can find that here. (not an affiliate link. I'm just a huge fan of both of these guys)

The bundle contains all ebook formats plus audio book files. Quite the steal!